Festive Mirror Garland

Last year I wanted to create something beautiful with all the Christmassy touches that make a home feel special during the festive season, but I wanted to bring some natural elements to my garland and make it a little rustic looking! My most asked question about the mirror garland is how did I attached it to the mirror? So firstly I popped 3 small picture nails at the bottom, middle and  top of the mirror, then I used wire to attach the garland to the nails!


Where to start - The Garland! I bought a simple, cheap garland with no accessories on to use as the base, these you can get from local garden centres, home bargains etc .. 

I attached this first to the side of the mirror.

Next head outdoors - Foraging

I found long twigs, holly and Ivy worked best for this garland, if you struggle finding these conifer branches would also work great.  Also adding pinecones for a festive finish  ( although you could also buy these) 

NEXT - Make bunches ...  Group the greenery adding a few twigs into bunches ( about 5) and tie at the bottom with your wire, then start at the base, adding the bunches to the garland with the wire, make sure the bottom of the garland is the fullest part and the bunches are always heading towards the top of the mirror. As you near the top you want the greenery to start thinning out and adding more of the twigs! You can hide any wire with more bunches or hide with pinecones!


Step back take a look and have a faff! remember It doesn't have to be perfect, the beauty is always in the imperfect!


Add fairy lights to add that extra sparkle!


I would love to see your own Mirror Garlands, tag us @wrenandreganinteriors





Sarah x



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