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In todays blog, we will be chatting to Leah the fabulous creator of Meggy&Me who I'm sure many of you already know. We are proud stockists of the Meggy&Me brand and you can shop a small hand picked selection of lovely natural cushions in our textiles collection of unique patterns & designs with lovely natural fabrics. Get comfy for a little look into the making & behind the scenes of Meggy&Me! Over to Leah ...

Tell us a little bit about how was Meggy&Me born?

I am a primary school teacher by trade but always had a passion for interiors. Once i had my first child Meghan ( hence the name) I decided to leave the profession to be a SAHM. It was when making cushions for my own home that i came up with the idea. I started very small 2/3 cushions and selling them on ebay and it grew from there. Although it was only 18 months ago when I took the plunge to rebrand and sell interiors that were more authentic to my interior tastes that Meggy&me really grew!

Can you share with us a little bit about natural materials you use for your cushions and the process behind some of your unique designs?

With our team in India & Morocco it is very much a collaborative process. It could start with a hand drawn sketch of the initial pattern and then i will choose a pantone colour to send to the team then our talented weavers get busy making us our batch. So for our woven designs it can take around 4 months from the design process through to delivery. We have evolved and expanded over time and now stock fabrics such as mudcloth ( traditionally dyed with fermented mud) to vintage French linens and woven designs made using handloom machines.

Favourite Meggy&me design to date?

That is so difficult to answer as we like to bring new designs each month to the shop! I always have a new favourite. However, I will always have a soft spot for the neutral kilm (made from vintage flat tapestry rugs) cushions as they are one of a kind and packed full of texture. I literally have to handcuff myself on restock day to stop myself from keeping them all. ( WE KNOW THAT FEELING! :) ) 

Where do you get your inspiration from for your collections?

Inspiration comes from so many different elements but Meggy&me specialise in neutral earthy tones with emphasis on texture. We often get likened to the Studio Mcgee Vibe  (Which is obviously a huge compliment )

What are you most proud of and what's come for Meggy&me?

I have been so excited to watch Meggy&me grow over the past 2 years. Its fab to look back to the start when I was selling on Ebay with an inventory of 6 using my daughters wardrobe a an office/stock cupboard to now where i have my own Studio/office, have a few employees and stocking over 1000 cushions in Inventory. However i have reached a point in the business where i want to enjoy this stage whilst still being present physically and mentally for my 2  children an so I'm mindful not to expand to quickly till a time comes when kids don't fancy playing Lego with mummy or wanting cuddles whilst watching Mary Poppins on repeat so at the moment I'm just enjoying the stage we are at right now!

What do you love about working with Wren&Regan?

Meggy&me have decided to collaborate with a handful of online retailers and Wren&Regan was one of our first. I had picked Wren&Regan as they specialise in one of a kind / unique pieces that all have a story very much like our products. I had followed @inside_number_5_ for a while for her gorgeous interiors and was very flattered when they asked to be a stockist & I knew we would make a perfect match!

We couldn't agree more :)







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