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Here at Wren&Regan we love supporting other small businesses and its important to us that we know where our products come from, we love styling old vintage pieces with new and we love  knowing about the craftsmanship that goes into our recycled pieces. We know the 'sold out signs' can be frustrating but for us its quality over quantity and our small collection of Commucci pieces are ones we are very proud to be able stock. So in Aprils blog were handing over the the fabulous creator of Commucci to hear how it all begin! So over to Lu ...


Where did it all begin, how was Commucci born?

It started with candles & fragrance many years ago! I have always been a creative sort right from my hippy days at college, playing at ceramics, photography and art! its only in the last few years that it has progressed to become 'making things to sell' ( there's only so long you can give your things to family & friends before they get fed up) So first stop candles, then naturally perfume followed with diffusers etc... i then needed bases for the diffusers - my mad old uncle ( in his late 70's and looks like Santa Claus) had all the tools in the shed and had been playing with woodworking for a while ... and so I stole/ borrowed his tools and my new interest in making things from wood began. It had to be rustic, primitive and simple. The simpler the better! Lots to learn! It is the finishing i enjoy, i like the aged patina of things, the ebonising and charring  and waxing and reclaiming old wood for new things.

Life before Commucci?

Life before Commucci was looking after my children, renovating the house and growing lots of veg ( still do all these things - but I'm always making things ) The name Commucci i had chosen when i was 16!! ( quite a few years ago ) Always saying 'one day i will have a business called Commucci'  ( an Italian connection) and so, here we are, the perfect time for a hobby business to keep me busy!

The Process from 'Tree to Product'

The process is different for everything, sometimes i order in some wood (always from renwable sources or reclaimed ) sometimes i use bits of logs and branches from trees that have died or been chopped back from our land.

 First its looking at the wood and deciding what it would best be used for, from boards, to a trinket tray or wabi vase, then its cutting out - carving - chopping - bashing- sanding and finishing with wax or oil or left unfinished if the wood shouts Dont touch me!  It involves a few hours of messing about which is why when you buy from a maker you must remember that it is not a production line but a labour of love and each piece is different!

Favourite Commucci piece so far?

I LOVE making the wabi vase ... I get totally sucked into the process and love how they are old branches to display your foraged branch... just perfect alchemy in nature.

Up and coming Commucci Project?

YES! ... A ceramic collaboration with a wonderful contemporary ceramicist coming soon ... think Zodiacs, stoneware and perfumed wax !!

Tell us little more about ' ONE TREE PLANTED'

I have a thing about planting trees, its a way of putting something back, helping the world recover from our human 'bad' habits. Climate change is very real... just most people wont realise it until it hits them on a personal level, which is a human mannerism and instinct i suppose! Unfortunately I am very aware of the future scenario and it haunts me every day so ... Each product we sell a tree is planted through a non profit global organisation called 'onetreeplanted'

All profits from the Wabi Vase go to this, so if a vase sells for £40 - 40 trees will get planted worldwide! Commucci have just donated £400 to them so 400 more trees .. wooohoooo 

Why do you like working with Wren&Regan?

I love working with Sarah & Vicky because they are advocates of the Wabi Sabi way of thinking. Love their ' Where the forgotten becomes the extraordinary' saying. Finding one of a kind pre-loved pieces and finding new homes for them, not buying in mass produced stock, using artisans and makers to create small batches of unique and individual products.

... and they are blooming lovely wonderful humans X

Lu at Commucci x










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